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Thursday, August 14, 2003

Return to Innocence

Languages and their nuances always interested me and I feel I have a natural felicity in picking them up. France and the French language have always enchanted me. So I enrolled in the French classes which started from today on campus.

I entered late into the class and the teacher was a short, plump, loudly dressed, middle -aged woman .But she opened her and she took me to my younger days. Learning a language involves becoming a kid. Specially a language like French where there is lot of emphasis on getting the inflection right and the whole class has to shout out the words.

She handled the class with the tenderness of the most liked primary school teacher in school and the dignity of the head of the Institution. She brought out the innocence in most of the class. The same innocence that we had as kids and lost during growing up.

Words can’t describe the feeling that she evoked in me...Teachers have a great power to influence a child’s and an adult's mindalike. At IIML we have great, average and mediocre professors. The truly good ones make you feel the worth of the place you r studying in. But after school I have rarely found teachers of the same caliber who command respect just by the way they conduct themselves.

Whenever I ponder upon my future I’m terrified. I know I’m not cut out for the regular MBA job which would entail meeting sales targets and other stupid things. I want lead a life where each and everyday Ill be getting up and going off to do things that really excite me and would be an outlet for my skills. If I could turn back time, I would have taken up literature....Alas I can’t....I want to take up teaching. I taught for a year and it was satisfying. I think twud gimme time for pursuing my other interests...

Maxim Gorky: There is no lack of opportunity for making money out of something you like, what lacks is resolve....

Hopefully twenty years from now I won’t be regretting that should have taken the road not taken

Ill put down one of my favorite poems by Robert Frost -"The Road Not Taken” which was made even special by my teacher who was the one who initiated me to the world of reading ...

TWO roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth; 5

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same, 10

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back. 15

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference. 20

Ages hence ppl hvaent been able to undertstand the nature of the sigh the poet mentions in the last it a sigh of relief or despair???????


Monday, August 11, 2003


Oscar Wilde had coined the word "Dude" and it meant duds with attitude (duds+attitude).

Sunday, August 10, 2003

I want to "MarryYouAnna"-A Short Story

Shree was feeling really fresh and vibrant since he woke up early on that eventful day.His coaching classes for French were starting that day and had hence he got up at five fifteen.Unused to waking up so early in his past hree years at the hostel,he had never really savoured the joys of sunrise.Twas the tenth of October and the weather was heavenly.The faintly cold wind that was blowing and the partly grey skies were hinting at the possibility of rain but were not threatening enough to keep poeple indoors.

The thought that comes to every 20 year old's mind when he drives his bike in such a pleasant atmosphere with the wind in his hair ,came to Shree too"How wonderful twud have been if I had someone special with whom I could share this moment of bliss".The thought just added to the overall joy of the moment.

He uncharacteristically arrived about 10 minutes before time.The whole class room and the office was empty, there was only one peon who opened the classroom and disappeared .He stood humming in the corridoor facing the road......................As he just strolled the length of the corridoor and turned back, he saw a girl parking her Kinetic with her back towards him.All he could do was stare at her lustrous hair which was dark hue of brown.Twas as if microseconds were passing by in slow motion.Then she turned and that was the moment.He inadvertantly let out a gasp .Her face was angelic.As she walked across the road to climb the stairs he did not even bat his eyelids.He was feeling the same way a wildlife photographer would feel at seeing a viriginal rain forest.He could not but help remembering a line from American Beauty -"Sometimes i feel there is so much beauty in this world that i just cannot take it"

Within a flash she was walking towards him ...He braced himself .....Something inside him was shouting "Carpe Diem"............

"Are you in the new 6 to 8 a. m batch".


"Could you please show me the classroom"

Shree:"Sure"......They walk in a single file( the corridor was small).As they face the door ....

Shree:"Im Shree ...Shridharan Menon...."

"..I am Anna ....Marianne Thomas"

They move in and she places her books beside his.They move out in to the corridoor and exchange academic ,geographic and irrelevant information about each other.She was an Arts student doing her final year in a prominent college in the city.She was pleasantly surprised to hear that an engineer who is about to graduate should be interested in French.He should have been preparing to go to the U.S as is the wont of most engineers ,she said smiling gently.They were hardly a couple of minutes into the conversation that other students start coming in.They soon move in and are seated beside each other in the class.The lecture starts and Shree cant seem to take his mind of Anna.

All he wanted to do was look at her.Her sparkling eyes and that mischevious smile that was flirtatious and innocent at the same time.His mind was dreaming in fast forward about all the possibilities, about what he would or rather should say next.He was thinking of lonely roads lined with trees somewhere in Europe .She would be walking and he would walking backwards facing her and singing to her.Could she be "The One".He wanted to know everything about her..

Anna was thinking of Shree too.He was about five feet nine ,wheatish ,had reasonable good looks ,a disarming smile and a charming disposition.Twud be interesting to know him.

They go through the motions in the class oblivious of most things except the changing weather outside.The clouds had slowly changed from a benign grey to an ominous black.The class ends at 8 p.m and it starts pouring down.Both of them look at each other in way they themselves cant comprehend.

Unobtrusively was as if it was choroeographed.. they move into a cosy corner in the corridoor and watch the rain.It rains for about half an hour.. and they talk.It seems as if the Gods had conspired to get them together.They talk everything from life to , books to future plans and family.In a moment of silence they realise that the rain has stopped and they have to get back.

As they part and go they respective ways they feel the same .Like life has all of a sudden opened up something new for them.A whole new world inside them.It rains the whole day and neither of them attend their classes.Shree could have attened his lectures, his classroom is just a few blocks away from his hostel.But he decides that the weather is for lying on the bed ..all doors and window opened ..listening to music and dreaming about..........Anna .

Life goes on like dream .They meet daily for the next few weeks and the more they know each other the more they feel that they are right for each other.Over innumerable Cafe Mocha's they see shades of themsleves in each other .There was so much shared in their heads that nothing left to be said about their feelings for each other.

One evening as he drops her home at around 8 .pm.She asks him to come in as her parents are not at home.She shows him her room and goes about showing photographs of her parents and friends.they are sitting on the bed . As she gets saying she will get him something to drink ,he holds her hand.He stands draws her close to him and looks into says "I love you....more than love i respect you a person ....".She sees truth in his eyes.....He sees beauty in hers...And as their lips move towards each other their eyelids close slowly and softly.The touch of their lips is magical.After the first touch, his lips linger on hers for a moment.Slowly they his hands move around her waist and they lips say to each other what their hearts have been longing to.

He draws his lips gently away fom hers after a kiss which seemed to last for an eternity and memories from their first meeting to this point ,flash before their eyes.

He says" I want to marry you Anna".

She looks at him and smiles .A smile that obviated the need for words.He smiles back.Time freezes .Her smile freezes. Tis like things have come to stand still.Imagine rain drops freezing midway.........

He is smiling... He is sweating.....Beads of sweat gather around his neck.The sun is shining onto his face through the curtain.His eyes open,blinking trying to avoid the sunlight.He loooks at the wall clock .Its three in the afternoon.He wakes up.

Its Thursday.He had slept at five in the evening on Tuesday.He takes bath and then has something to eat.

Tis Friday evening and he has nothing much to do.The top drawer on his shelf that he avoided for since waking up Thursday, was calling him.He opens it and takes out a pouch.He takes some stuff and carefully stuffs it into a cigarette from which he has emptied the tobacco.As he takes takes the first puff he remembers his friend asking him"Why do you dope".He had just smiled and walked away.

How would he explain why???.............He takes another puff...He says to himself while smiling gently"I want to 'marryyouanna' " ...... "i want to marijuana"...He slowly flops onto his bed.....since he started doping, life alternated between Utopia in his dreams where he always found love.....and moments of mundane reality .

He is slowly sinking into Utopia. He is standing at a bus stop and then he sees her crossing the road.....Twas as if time froze...........Her cuter than cute face and short smooth hair .......were too hard not to notice..She walks towards him and says "Has the 8.30 bus left?"


Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Tickle Digest

Funny Boner: Hey Jai howz it going between u and ur gurl.
Everyday Jai: Well...absolutely great since both us bought a Reliance number is we talk all dayyyyyyyyy.
Funny Boner:(To himself) ;-) Oh! Thats what Dr.Phil meant on the other day on Oprah when he said "you have to invest a lot in a relationship!!!!

Babe: Darling,I love birds ,do you?
Funny Boner:Yup me too......they taste great!!!

Everyday Jai:Dude my wife's an angel
Funny Boner:Lucky fucker mine is still alive!!
What I did this summer

This summer was as i said earlier a paid quite a few books .The best one i have read over the last few months is "Golden Gate " by Vikram Seth. Its absolutely lucid and just flows through. Read another of Seth's after coming back to campus "An Equal Music", twas good too. The wonderful thing about Seth is his absolutely unassuming style of writing ,diametrically opposite to the Salman superstar Rushdie.Read his "Fury" recently twas like a great writer , writing jus for the heck of it ....flashes of brilliance were undoubtedly there.

After 45 days of absolute joblessness followed by 15 days of absolute hell(thats what is guaranteed by not working from the beginning)i went home for almost a fornight. Twas a fortnight again of ..doing nothing but eating ,reading..fooling around with my bros and watching movies...

Saw an old mallu movie which was really touching, again coz of its simplicity.An old man ,a retired government official is staying his native village- a quaint picturesque town which like many parts of kerala looks virginal(those places where tourists have never set foot).the old man is leading a calm life with ahelper around .He spends most of his time reading, he has a library in his large ancestral house that houses everything from shakespeare to schopenhaur.

One summer his twenty two year old grandson comes visiting for a fortnight with four friends from his college .The old man's son(his son had married against his wishes) is already dead .Grandpa and grandson have been close and in touch thru letter ever since the latter came visiting last ,6 years ago.

The whole house lights up.the screenlay is a wonder in the way it depicts bliss.The grandson is delighted to meet his childhood crush who stays in the same town -an intelligent and extremely well read girl; who is his grandpa's colleagues's daughter.She visits the old man's place regularly to borrow books and stuff. the two have been in regular touch over the years, since he last came .Love blossoms against the beautiful backdrop.. while boy falls in love girl the audience falls in love with the mother nature.Their similar pasts of being bought up by a single parent and their common small town are the threads that bind them together.

One day on one of their walks she shows him a photo of his shez been carrying thru the years. An eight year old naked boy. she says that she still finds that innocence in his eyes somewhere(which the actor manages to potray..he is a big star now but those were the days when there was innocnece in his acting).They dont even talk marriage its as if its understood . Even the grandparents are happy for them.

A few days before the guys leave they go out swimming to the sea.After some time the hero is missing.The closest friend of his screams his name out to the sea ..when it dawns on him that his freind has drowned...he just screams louder and louder at the sea...The way twas picturised and the way twas acted out-the memory remains.

The boy is dead..but the body isnt to be found. They inform the mother that something is amiss ,who upon finding out that her son is dead ...breaks down totally. The old man finally goes to his daughter -in -law and says " you havent sinned so much that you have to watch both ur son and husband die at such an early age".

The girl who fell in love with boy is listless.. On the third morning the body is found and the last rites performed....... The friends leave and the movie ends.

The thing that set me thinking me about the movie was how the director got the idea . It must have been a newspaper article that spoke about aa boy dying from vizag and i have read many reports of young boys dying while swimming in the beach....May be it was one such newspaper artcile that inspired the director to weave a touching story....

I read somewhere that truly grat works of art are utterly simple in form and at the same time extremely profound in thought .I cudnt possibly agree more.. Lennon 's later songs ..Russell's later books all have that unmistakable stamp of simplicity


Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Love at Old Post Office Bus Stop

Been a long time since i last wrote something.Actually never been so jobless.Xams chal rahe hain.the only other time i was so jobless was during my summer project at bangalore ,which was a paid vacation.

Twas in a way like summers as a kid .. each summmer was about a fascination for a new game played at a neighbour's place and to buy it ....finally when it got into our hands we'd already played enough to get sick and tired of it.

By fifteen i had friends all over the place and twas one such friend of my that set me off one my first tour into the lives and minds of the "fairer" and "lovelier" sex .

One fine day this a class mate who was a year older than me asked me to stay over for some time ater school .He asid we'd hang out in the canteen.After a few rounds of coffee and biscuits ..we started for the bus stop(the bust stop was final stop for many buses as our school was at the end of the city ..all buses stopped for 20 minutes )..and lo behold in a few minutes hordes of gulrz turn up.My all boys missionary school was separated by a small lane(six feet) from an all gurlz missionary school.The gurlz of standard ten had classes till 5 compared to us and every body else in their my good friend had bought me coffee so that i cud accompany him in the the art of line marofying..

My post pubescent mind was occupied by my teachers and non veg jokes... so there was not even an inkling of a thought bout gurlz my age and dating them.....anywhere on my mental horizon.a few days passed by and i came to know the names of all the pretty gurls and all the studs in our school who are busy trying their luck .....

A week later my mature(read "over ripe") friend says that a PYT actually liked seems that his cousin(the "babe" of the gurlz school) had told him.Me, innocent me....asked the master ,the zen, my all knowing friend .."now what am i to do."... he said nonchalantly(like azhar bhai flicking) "jus give her a card ..yaar"

So good ol me like good ol movie star appraoched her and gave her a card .. she after reading (or was it speed reading???) the card..said "YES".Bas aur kuch nahi....aur... pyaar ..ho... gaya. aur shuru hua silsila bus mein ..talkathon kaa.....a few days later i was on my first( and last i think......) group date(my friend and his cousin)........we went to the snazziest ice cream parlour....and ordered the costliest ice creams ...the gurlz just had a few scoops as if making modern art in the bowl of ice cream and stopped eating they were talking instead....wahan ice cream pighal raha tha aur yahan mera dil kyon ki jeb jal rahi thi..

One fine evening the gurl'z mom called home after finding out that her daughter was seeing this guy from the gurlz school principal..who had spies at her majesty's service informing her of all the gurlz who were going around with boys school guys..intricate network it was..ladki ki maa ne meri maa ko senti kiya.." aap ke bete ke wajah se meri beti ki padhai kharaab ho rahi hai".My mom opens the door to my room and says "tere karan mujhe aaj kya kya sunna padha". She questioned me and i blurted out that the gurl was the same person who rang up daily with a unisexual name "kiran" pretending to be my classmate with a voice that cud not be called boyish.

Okay.....mother sentiment instilled , me went to school the next day and told my mature(read "over ripe") friend ..that tis over ..finito ..He said "tu ek ladki ka dil todega??" main bola .."meri maan meri tange tod degi".. He managed to tell me about the sensitivity of a gurl'z heart and the routineness in parents' behavior.

So story continued and me also went for a movie ...Then..enter the dragon..mera baap.Now he is the kinda guy whom i wud describe as the UDTE HUAY PANCHI KE PAR counting type.... He figured out that playing sports cudnt possibly be the reason for my coming late daily(my dad is in the merchant navy and had come back , my mom dint tell him )me was faar from atheltic..He deploys the second spy on good for nothing ..totally vella in life ..cousin who had come from a kerala...the dude bought me a fountain pepsi a day and i gave my love story away...

Another fine dad calls me into the balcony and asks me "whats up" main bola "what"?? he said "hero mat ban" and he then went on to gimme lecture on the malfunctioning matters of the heart and asked me to bypass gurlz for studies. What my father said then on love was wonderful but then it wud destroy the levity of this storytelling session.

So armed with love gyan i go to school again ..and tell my mature(by now u must be reading .."over ripe")friend that this time twas over for good. He said "ladki ka dil todega" i said balls "main teri tange tod doonga"

Thus ended my first brush (or shud i say crush) with a member of the "fairer and lovelier" sex. Within two months i ahad another short 30 day relationship..but that was the last one ...dont jump to conclusions that i have become gay since..but things dint work out and ....i became more finicky/choosy by the day.

Now i wud settle for someone who does atleast one fo the following:reads good stuff, has a thing serious cinema or listens to rock music or atelast simon and garfunkel..My friends say tis jus about wavelength and ask me to forget about books, music and movies....but i cant coz they r my life. I believe that to spend a lifetime together a couple must have atleast one common interest.

In utopia be lying on the sofa reading my book while shez lying on my lap reading hers...and we'd be telling each other the lines that arrest our senses.............Amen

Bangalore-Hedonism's Global Flotsam(Borrowed)

Its been two long months since i have been in Bangalore and since travelogues are the order of the day(Gaurav,Pushkar) i thought id write one myself.

The moment one says Bangalore M.G.Road and Brigade Road spring into my peripheral vision.The two most happening streets in India ,if i may dare say so are the Bangalore's leitmotifs.Infact if one takes a long shot of Brigade road at night it might pass off for a street in Hong kong in a Travelogue.

I have walked by the those streets innumerable times now.People ,especially women seem to be strutting of an Assembly Line.The sense of dressing is the same for across all age and income groups.Most of the guys have spiked hair.Everyone seems Plastic.One can see the changing social trends written about in the life style sections of magazines unfolding in front of the eyes.

This sickening need for material comforts, the crazy consciousness about appearance, the need to fit in .. you name it you got it.My friend who stays in Bangalore says that there are people who move about on the Twin Roads with large branded shopping bags with nothing in it.!!!!

These things apaprt the weather in the city is fabulous.Lucknow and Vishakhapatnam seem like Hell's Kitchens.Its littered with pubs and the best part is that they dont actually cost a fortune.Some play great rock music and the others cater to the hoi polloi.It would it would be the city to work in , right after college. All you need are some like minded friends and some money(importantly) and its heaven.

There are other good things like plays and stuff constantly happening and the prices are pretty reasonable too.But like all burgeoning cities the problems are there for all to see. Commmuting during peak hours is a pain .You can always be late on a date and blame it on the traffic.A public transport system like the ones in Cal,Bombay and Delhi is in order soon(next 5 to 10 years).

How could the description of a city be complete with a talk about the auto wallahs.The ones in Bangalore are a mixed bag.Some are good and some take you for a ride (literally) if you are a stranger.

I have sort of started drinking more often after i have come here and thats what im heading to do right now..BTW Vikram Seth's Golden Gate is a must read.Its a novel in verse and for once everything that is written about the book on the cover is true
The young male's attraction to older women- A physico-analytical study

Warning:The following article has explicit material .. read at your own risk

During my recent discussions with a female friend an interesting question cropped up"why are young males (15 to 25.. or even more..) attracted to older women" or rather why do they always top the sexual fantasy charts. Well the reasons according to me are manifold.

The most cliched thing that is said is that older women are experienced. Well i think that is just a tip of the iceberg. the root of this attraction lies in the fantasies that young men construct. Usually at a young age around 15 , the young girls guys see around them are not in their full physical bloom .The male at this stage is exposed to the female body thru visual aids . Since the young girls are not yet ripe(gurlz pardon my language ..but i never gave a damn to prudery)the attention focusses on older women. The unsuspecting teachers and neighbourhood "aunties"( a much maligned euphemism) are subjected to the ardent voyeuristic gaze of the adolescent male.

Another factor is that a guy's fantasy shud be free of fear of any sort . At 15 imagining love making with a girl of similar age would involve a lot of unnecessary assumptions (virginity, pregnancy etc......).A fantasy with a married woman can conveniently obviate most of these glitches.

The third factor is the element of promscuity involved in making love to a married woman.This just accentuates the pleasure.lastly the factor of experience and and stuff comes in.

But as the male gets older this attracctin fades off . The object(i beg ur pardon) of desire gets more younger. Guess, the grass is always greener on the other side... the above is what i think is the basis for the atttraction towards older women..
Incase readers dont digest and think of any others reasons kindly let me sorry if it was too in your face ..but what the heck?????????? this is 2003


The last few times i went to church i kinda had a feeling that i was going through the motions.I questioned myself as to why i went to church . the answer was obvious i was just being plain selfish . i wanted myself and my family to i went to church from the time i was knee high lest i might incur god's wrath.

Closer introspection of a few things said in the bible and application of my scant grey cells helped me find for myself my own truth.Jesus was no god ,he was just a normal human being.Just like Einstein and Newton were scientists who had the ability to see and think at a far higher level ,jesus was a social scientist or simply put a saint like buddha or mahavira.In the times he lived, when human beings were in a process of being cicvilsed , he saw the lack of a moral code that would serve as a yardstick for human behavior. A yardstick that would change man from the primitive barbarian(literally and figuratively) to today's human being.

It was physiaclly impossible for him to travel to all lands and preach and hence his words"spread my word".Just as mothers say to their crying children that gabbar aa jayegaa ,people need to be threatened with some dire consequences to forbid from doing the wrong things.hence Heaven ,Hell , Purgatory ,Judgement al.

But what worries me is that religion which had played an important part (despite the crusades)has failed to change and adapt to the times.More saddeningly people ,educated young people still continue to follow the same mores as the the neanderthal man.A week back i was engaged in a rather serious conversation on the existence of a god with a young woman from a b-school.She was what one would call a believer .She believed in the existence of a god or a force that guided her or as she said gave her directions. I am an agnostic and hence a discussion ensued for hours with both of us holding to own turfs.She said that i had to invest some faith. Well i said i cant repose faith in the abstract .

Later i tried to understand the young woman's mindset.When we are in love we are not in it for logical reasons. Its just this feeling of correctness , purity and sanctity that we have in the realionship . We have total faith in the other person but we cant give any logical reasons for it.i guess the believers are in love with god.Everyone has needs :the need to be loved , need for protection from some superior almighty source.......some have the latter ,some the former and some both.

I belive that whatever happens to us is mostly a function of our own actions and our the actions of others. While things lke accidents or other mishaps are just uncontrolled variables that do not have an explanation.

To find solutions to our problems we need to look witihn us and have confidence in our abilites. When we pray may its just this confidence that we get . What do elders say anyways"DO UR BEST AND LEAVE THE REST TO GOD". The key phrase according to me is doing your best.The greatest power that a human being has is the one between his ears . If we can progrees from the wheel to dolly the sheep then all of us have enough in us to sort out our problems.

All religions give us teachings which would help us lead a good life differentiaite between good and bad. I believe we have look towards these teachings rather than the supernatural element in religons that was introduced for our barbarous ancestors.

Im sorry if i sounded like i was sermonising. For a long time these things have been in my mind.I end by saying that all that is needed is for one to find find the purpose of his/her life ;be it thru religon or introspection whichever suits them fine.Do comment coz im open to conversion!!!

Langoor Ke Mooh Mein Angoor-A Critical Analysis

Well... i have been in Bangalore since the past 20 days and have been doing what most men candidly admit ..LETCHING.. The twins MG and Brigade Roads being my favourite(..rather only) haunts..During my many visits to the place i cudnt but help notice how most of the girls came with their boyfirends in tow. While the girls were of exceptional beauty the guys were well....,i wudnt say too many complimentary things about their looks.Invariably the oft repeated ,worn out phrase-Langoor ke mooh mein Angoor' would slip outta my mouth.

Intuitvely and quantitatively i realsied that this was possible only because of one reason:The number of handsome guys was far less that the number of beautiful girls.Hence the famous saying always came true.Some might argue that i wudnt have noticed the goodlooking men coz i was too busy staring at the women (safely esconsced on the "usual side of the fence"..-).But give it a thought this could be the most quantitative reason.

My friends say im off better at looking at the qualitative aspect of things so i gave it a thought.Once they are 15 and 16 gurlz tend to start longing for love and romance.That is the reaon why incompetent actors like Sharukh Khan and mediocre boy bands like Backstreet Boyz have so many fans.For guys this longing starts at a later age because they are busy playing cricket in the streets and miss the silly points , midwickets and deep gullies.

Most men(boys) and women(girls),who are single tend to pine for a good relationship (thought they might not admit it )by the time they are 22 -23 ish...everybody would like to fall in love go around whisper sweet nothings.
Who wouldnt want to be treated specially by someone .So when someone though not strikingly handsome shows a reasonable amount of interest and is willing to listen to you and you would genuinely want to share stuff,looks go out of the window.

Well i dunno how many would agree with me but id like to read the reactions....its one my homespun theories. But one question lingers on how long will i be writing theories about relationships .Id end up being a cheap imitation of Woody Allen.Guess itll stop or take a turn for the better when im no longer just a neutral observer. I hope atleast the "langoor...." phrase works in the case of .."yours truly"

Treastise on Men+Women- Part Deux

Mmmmmmm ..well after the mixed reactions to the famous/infamous "Teddy Bear Theory" i thought id put the second part of my treatise on men +women relationships into words.Actually floyd was playing a few mintues back in the background but then to get the feel i switched back to my song of the season "aye udi udi ". There is something in that song and video that manages to create a strange indescribably good feeling...

Actually the following is list of situations that evoke in me feelings and moods that cannot be put into words....

a.the smell that fills the air when the first drops of rain hit the ground.
b. sitting in the balcony on a cold sunday rainy sunday morning sipping coffee and reading the paper as well looking at the rain
c.the tingly feel one gets when we sneeze when not having a cold.

I'll actually relate the story of how a typical teen love story will go that will in itelf explain my second "feature" :-)

Act I:

Boy sees girl....first time ...cud be anywhere ..canteen...bus stop.Overactive heart and hormones(the latter can b desribed as PPS.. post puberty syndrome).Naturally progresses to make the next biggest mistake.. tell his friend abt the girl. This sets off as a Mega Death song goes a "train of consequences". Boy sees girl again and again. Boy tends to like the girl 4 absolutely weird reasons.. one of my friends said" i liked her initially coz she was the only silent and docile babe in the bus(read that as , the girl who sits in a corner and laughs silently when she hears a joke,talks at the most to one other girl always)

Act II:

Boy, after much deliberation talks to girl and after a few meetings decides "bahut ho gaya" and submit what is known in government parlance as MoI or Memo"random" of Interest.For the girl this comes as a breath of fresh air(read some sorta activity in a otherwise non happening life).MoI accepted , boy graduates to become a boy friend.

Act III:

Thus begin the numerous meetings , dates , almonds and what not.. no coffee pub or eatery is spared all the lonely roads are traversed , all the while escaping the eagle eyes of onlookers....Meeting and talking endless hours on the phone becomes "de riguer".They have to meet and discuss everything under the sun, like how he hurt his gum while doing danth manjan , to her burning her tongue while sipping hot tea (without hearing her mother 's "garam hai").The guy goes to meet the girl daily like he reports to work.

Act IV:

Time flies they say and so the couple have to dcide their future, the girl cant go against her parents and the boy doesnt have the balls to go ahead and ask her parents coz hez worried the girl might doa volte face. Girl marries another guy.Boy feels angry frustrated and in some cases like my sensitive(euphemism 4 senti) friend has trouble coping up, but then life goes on.
Some times boy and girl get married and they r seemingly happy. but spare a thought ,over a period of time we tend to develop affection and concern even for the person sitting next to us in class though we r as different as chalk and cheese(gaurav dont laugh)...

What i described above is what i feel happens among average indian teenagers cutting across most income and social groups so kindly dont judge it by thinkin that u wudnt have done it. iIhave tried to b funny and it is 4 an observer like me and i have seen quite a few of these happenning. in many like my friend's the guy isnt even sure at the end why he fell 4 the girl as in what quality it was . Somehow im not the beleiver in mani ratnam style "head over heels in love at first sight".

It takes at least some at least some time click or like someone.........but then dont wait till u know the girl inside out coz ull end up missing the bus else i know ...