Incomplete Zero

Completing the Nothingness

Friday, October 28, 2005


Waltair is one of the oldest names of a town/city by the sea.Only after leaving behind twenty two years of uneventful birth,adolescence full of mirth,wasted flush of youth and love's labour lost did i realise how much it was inside my being.There are two kinds of people in this world , in today's digital world i suppose generalisations can only be binary ,ones who have lived by the sea and ones who have not.The sea and the plains , the coast and the inland , water and earth.

I feel the current more than ever when in huge inland cities.Man for all his sublime intellect and growing mastery over nature can never replace it.Standing in front of the sea and watching it reaffirms life.The ebb and flow are vital reiterations of the same life force that exists in us and in nature.Airconditioning,automobiles,multiplexes,plushly upholstered skyscrapers and anything we have made do not have this intrinsic quality in them.

In the madness that life in megacities has become one eternally feels as if one is in transition and then after another day of waking on the wrong side of the bed the senses sing a song of unbearable longing , for the sound of the gush ,the sight of the rush ,the scent and the splash.


Dark Tide and the Moon

Under a cloudless sky he was dark and drained
The brooding calmness of his waves
Betray the tumultuous currents whirling within

Despite knowing she wont be there tonight
He waits laying himself bare
His heart leaping to his eyes expectantly as clouds part

Dervish, his ebb and flow
Sway to the whims of her presence
Her presence an eternal transience
From the most refulgent orb
Waxing the brightest light in the sky
To the faintest of arcs
When she hides inside her depths

Tonight she is engulfed in her own
And he curls up retreating from the shore
Where a small boy stands at a distance waiting for his waters

The boy takes hesitant steps towards him
The calmness of his waters allaying the child’s fears
As a solitary wave washes over his feet in a slow gush
The boy wonders over its warmth

He had shed tears…