Incomplete Zero

Completing the Nothingness

Saturday, October 30, 2004


As the kite glided into its ascent with increasing speed the sea of men and their dwellings were reduced to infinitesimal unrecognizable dots. In the larger realms of galactic space and time which us humans have deciphered (only partly though) through our faculties which separate us from other known life forms, we are but a blip, our existence, struggles and achievements as individuals and as a species are but a tick on the large clock of galactic time.

Seeing no other thought in sight my wandering mind directed my head to the other side. My mind heart and being were unprepared for the iridescent rays of early dawn that were spread across the horizon. Just above the clouds, at a distance that seemed so near and yet unreachably far a band of rays in an uplifting hue of orange filled my senses with an elevating spirit. The hop skip and jump of my heart beat led to a tilt in my line of vision and lo behold like a goddess bestowing bounty to her favorite devotee I was presented with the transformation of the uplifting orange into the distinct hues of the rainbow.

Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red,
If only kids could see what I saw,
When, “These are the colors of the rainbow”, the teacher said.

After allowing me to have my fill of manna for my senses the sun decided it had other important things to do and rose higher and brighter the latter forcing me look away.

As I got off the kite and became inconspicuous in the crowd of my fellow humans, I knew that id never again be reluctant in getting out of bed for an early morning flight on a kite that would spread nature’s wonders before me.



  • At 10:08 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I just noticed the reference to Nietzsche in the first para..was it intentional? have your read him much. i think he was absolutely groovy!

    first i thougt it was jonathan livingston life, then on the second read it says something else..what does it say tony???


  • At 11:29 AM , Blogger Tony said...

    have read a bit of nietzsche, TSZ still lies in my cupboard awaiting its turn ... any reference was absolutely unintentional...

    dunno abt Mr.Livingston was never too compelled to read...its a simple thing about a the joys of an early morning flight..


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